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Vieste, Italy

Italy, Puglia, Vieste

  The Pugliese town of Vieste is uniquely located at the end of a beautiful peninsula called the Gargano. The tiny beach town has natural grottoes, sea arches, and white weathered rock formations. The Pizzomunno is a large white limestone monolith on the shoreline that stands alone and reaches heights of over 80 feet tall.…

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Altamura, Italy

Altamura, Italy, Puglia

  Altamura, a town of Puglia, is the ‘City of Bread’. Its bread making traditions and reputation has existed for centuries. Each family used to prepare a large dough of bread at home and take it to a public oven to bake. The baker would mark each piece of bread with family name to avoid confusion. Altamura…

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Gallipoli, Italy

Gallipoli, Italy, Puglia

  Gallipoli is a fishing village and one of the most beautiful coastal cities of Puglia. The historic old town is situated on a limestone island linked to the mainland by a 16th century bridge. The city center is fortified and surrounded by ancient walls and the sea. The streets are narrow and the architecture is…

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Santa Maria di Leuca, Italy

Italy, Puglia, Santa Maria di Leuca

  The southernmost stretch of Puglia is Salento, the elegant stiletto of the Puglian boot. Santa Maria di Leuca is the furthest point and the last town of Italy. It is the meeting point of the Adriatic and Ionian Seas. In the sizzling south, the sandy beaches and the stretches of coastline are dramatic. Exploring “the…

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Lecce, Italy

Italy, Lecce, Puglia

  Lecce is the grand dame of Puglia. “The Florence of South” is located in the heel of the Italian boot. The cultural city is extravagant. The rich Baroque architectural monuments are impossibly intricate and unique. There is evidence everywhere of the city’s strong tradition for papier-mâché making. The atmosphere is youthful, exciting, and lively.…

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Ostuni, Italy

Italy, Ostuni, Puglia

  Ostuni is Puglia’s “White City” (La Città Bianca). This sun-bleached medieval town rises on a hilltop high above the olive groves and looks out at the Adriatic Sea. The blazing white houses and churches in the old town spill over the top. The labyrinth alleys are appealing. The cafes are casual. The wine bars…

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Polignano a Mare, Italy

Italy, Polignano a Mare, Puglia

  The ancient whitewashed town of Polignano a Mare in Puglia is dramatically perched on limestone cliffs. It overlooks the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic. The seaside town is, undeniably, romantic. The shoreline is full of natural sea caves. In addition, Polignano a Mare is famous throughout the world for its spectacular cliff-diving championships.…

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Savelletri di Fasano, Italy

Italy, Puglia, Savelletri di Fasano

  Savelletri di Fasano is a laidback fishing hamlet in the region of Puglia on the heel of Italy. The tiny village is tranquil and is ideal for getting away from it all. Most of the coastline is rocky and the landscape is beautiful. The handful of sandy beaches have beach clubs with parasols and…

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Alberobello, Italy

Alberobello, Italy, Puglia

  Alberobello is a small town in Puglia and is famous for its unique and fascinating trullo buildings. The whitewashed stone huts have conical roofs which resemble a magician’s hat. The legend is that inhabitants designed them in this way to avoid taxes. The roof of a trullo is made by assembling stones on top…

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