Panama City, Panama

Panama, Panama City


Panama City has an ultramodern skyline that erects itself between the jungle and the sea. The city of Panama is a melting pot of cultures and the most cosmopolitan capital in Central America. Panama City displays a unique mix of architectural styles. They reflect the country’s cultural diversity: Caribbean, Art Deco, French, and Colonial.

The Panama Canal was completed in 1914. That is more than three decades after the first attempt to build the canal began. It is an engineering marvel and remains one of the world’s most impressive engineering feats. The canal extends 50 miles and brings together the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.

With waiting time, ships may require about 25 hours to negotiate the canal. The average transit time is about 10 hours from one end of the canal to the other.

Be charmed by the wildlife and the surrounding jungle on the Panama Canal. Experience the magic of the Gamboa Rainforest while encountering sloths, crocodiles, monkeys, deadly frogs, tropical birds, and beautiful butterflies.

The Small List

Best Hotel

American Trade Hotel – The American Trade Hotel offers contemporary design coupled with colonial charm and comfort. This boutique luxury hotel combines old world elegance with clean, current design. It’s located in the most desirable area in Panama City: Casco Viejo. The UNESCO World Heritage site offers the best sight-seeing, dining, and nightlife.

W Panama – Amplify your experience at W Panama. The local scene meets bold design and opens up to limitless possibilities. At W Panama, fashion, music, design and entertainment come together. Above all, W Panama raises the bar for contemporary luxury in Panama City.

Best Restaurants

Donde Jose – Donde Jose serves the best food of Panama. Their philosophy is “to tell stories” about the country, its ingredients, influences and traditions. Each night, they share a story which will teach you more about Panama.

Fonda Lo Que Hay – A wonderful and authentic eatery in the old town (Casca Viejo) of Panama City. The menu changes each day. It is, unquestionably, a locals hangout. In addition, it is a laboratory for the famed Donde Jose restaurant.

Maito One of Latin Amerca’s 50 Best Restaurants, Maito has been a torch bearer of New Panamanian Cuisine. Chef Mario Castrellón uses native foods often neglected in urban dining.

Azahar – Haute cuisine at its finest! This signature cuisine is of Western European style with important Asian influences. From the underground, the restaurant is hidden behind a small florist shop. When crossing a cold room door that appears to be a flower fridge, there is an imposing restaurant with the best view of Panama City. Stylish!

Best Clubs and Bars

The Strangers Club – Located on one of the busiest corners of Central Avenue in Casco Viejo. With a classic vintage style that evokes Havana in the 1950s, this is a restaurant and bar seeking to enhance hospitality. Guests can enjoy delicious and impeccable designer cocktails.

Danilo’s Jazz Club – Grammy-winning, internationally renowned Panamanian jazz pianist and composer, Danilo Perez, brought this world class jazz club to Panama. The intimate 50-seat club hosts a mix of international artists and local talent.

Casa CascoA fantastic panoramic view awaits you. Enjoy the rooftop cocktail bar with the best DJs in the city. A perfect sunset retreat!

Things to Do

Gamboa Rainforest Reserve – If you consider yourself an adventurer, then experience the magic of the Gamboa Rainforest. Ascend 280 feet from the forest floor through the dense undergrowth. The colorful birds are abundant and the monkeys are waiting to greet you.

Miraflores Panama Canal LocksDo you want to see how the ships transit through the Panama Canal locks? The building has three levels for observing the Canal’s operation, the passage of ships through the locks and how they move. It is the ideal place to take pictures and to hold memories of this engineering marvel.

Biomuseo – Designed by world-renowned architect Frank Gehry, the Biomuseo is his only work in Latin America and the tropics. Above all, the building was designed to tell the story of how the isthmus of Panama rose from the sea. It unites two continents, separating a vast ocean in two, and changed the planet’s biodiversity forever. The Biomuseo’s 4,000 square meters contain eight permanent exhibition galleries designed by Bruce Mau Design.

Hanging sloths
Monkey Island
Gamboa Rainforest
Miraflores Panama Canal Locks
Casco Viejo
Azahar Restaurant
Gamboa Rainforest Aerial Tram
Monkey Island
Gamboa Rainforest Reserve
Gamboa Rainforest Reserve
Casco Viejo
Casco Viejo