Sirmione, Italy

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Nestled on the serene shores of Lake Garda, Sirmione beckons travelers with its ancient ruins, rejuvenating thermal baths, delectable cuisine, and breathtaking natural beauty. Explore the town’s historic center, including the impressive Scaliger Castle, then indulge in a spa day at Terme di Sirmione.

Savor traditional Italian dishes at charming trattorias and waterfront restaurants, and soak in panoramic views of Lake Garda from the scenic promenade. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, culture, or culinary delights, Sirmione offers a tranquil escape where history, wellness, and natural beauty come together in perfect harmony.

The Small List

Best Places to Stay

Villa Cortine – Nestled atop a hill, overlooking the serene waters of the lake, stands a cherished vintage residence—a secluded haven of romance and elegance. Once an esteemed nineteenth-century villa, it has been transformed into a modern hotel, offering captivating surroundings, refined services, and timeless hospitality. Surrounded by lush greenery and the tranquil expanse of its centuries-old park, this enchanting retreat invites you to immerse yourself in beauty and experience the extraordinary magic of a truly unforgettable stay.

Grand Hotel Sirmione – Indulge in a luxurious experience at this hotel, where their dedication to pampering guests with top-tier beauty treatments, indulgent oriental and therapeutic massages, rejuvenating mud therapy sessions, and exquisite gourmet cuisine truly stands out. From the moment you arrive, you’ll feel elevated and relaxed, ensuring a memorable stay.

Best Restaurants

La Speranzina – Experience romance and Mediterranean charm in the heart of Sirmione at One Michelin Starred restaurant, La Speranzina. Led by innovative chef Heinz Beck, the menu offers various tasting options and elegant, flavorful dishes crafted with a balanced blend of ingredients, including exotic flavors.

Ristorante Al Pescatore – Experience Al Pescatore restaurant-pizzeria in Sirmione’s historic center, within the Scaligero Castle walls. Enjoy quality cuisine with a special menu showcasing typical local dishes, including fresh lake fish.

Trattoria la Friasca – Nestled within Sirmione’s castle walls, discover a quaint and cozy restaurant offering a delightful menu of local cuisine. Indulge in fresh seafood and lake fish, succulent meats, and homemade pasta. Make sure to enjoy the best Veal Milanese outside of Milan.

Best Gelato

Gelateria Mancini dal 1933 – For nearly a century, Mancini has been delighting locals and visitors alike. Their artisanal gelato is handcrafted using traditional recipes and the finest ingredients.

Castello Scaligero
Villa Cortine
Lake Garda
Lake Garda
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Castello Scaligero
Castello Scaligero