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Cassis, France

Cassis, France, Provence

  The tiny, idyllic and colorful fishing village of Cassis, on the Côte d’Azur, has a delightful harbor. The buildings are pastel, the cliffs are impressive. Additionally, the sidewalk cafes serve outstanding wines from precious vineyards in the region. Undoubtedly, Cassis is one of the best kept secrets in the South of France. The Small…

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Arles, France

Arles, France, Provence

  Arles is a city on the Rhône River in the Provence region of southern France. The city inspired over 200 paintings of Van Gogh. With a unique ancient heritage, it’s a delight to explore. The beautiful city of Arles and its impressive Roman ruins date back to the 1st century B.C. With a direct…

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Saint Rémy, France

France, Provence, Saint Rémy

  Stroll along the picturesque boulevards of Saint Rémy in the heart of Provence. Van Gogh painted Starry Night from his asylum room and Nostradamus were born in Saint Rémy. The city is a gem which exemplifies the Provençal way of life. The Small List Best Restaurant Bistrot Découverte – Simple food and top notch ingredients make this wine…

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