Palermo, Sicily

In Southern Italy on the island of Sicily is Palermo, the industrial and commercial capital of the region rich in history, culture, and architecture dating back to 734 BC. Preparing to become one of the major cities in the Mediterranean, Palermo delights all of the senses, especially the taste of Sicilian cuisine.

The Small List

  1. Grand Hotel Villa Igiea -  A stunning hotel with luxury accommodations located in a historic villa with panoramic views overlooking the Bay of Palermo.
  2. Palermo Cathedral - A prime example of Sicily's unique Arab-Norman architectural style with construction beginning in 1184 by the norman archbishop Guiltier Offamilio, and alterations that continued for centuries, thus encompassing a wide variety of architectural styles.
  3. Teatro Massimo - Explore the stunning auditorium, its treasures, and the most interesting halls of the third largest opera house in Europe whose opening night happened in May 1897 with Giuseppe Verdi's Falstaff as the inaugural opera.