Siem Reap, Cambodia

Cambodia is an island set in a rice paddy countryside and the gateway to an ancient world. Along the dusty streets tuk-tuk driver’s are eager to take you to Angkor Wat, a vast complex of impressive millennium old ruins and the world’s largest religious temple, for sunrise and a cultural afternoon.

The Small List

  1. Nita by Vo - A stylish and comfortably designed boutique hotel located near the renowned 12th century ruins of Angkor, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  2. Malis Restaurant - Located in a beautiful fountain garden in the heart of Cambodia’s capital city and set around a peaceful tropical courtyard, Malis was born in 2004 out of the desire and passion to restore Cambodian cuisine to its former glory. Dining is not only an opportunity to savor delicious Cambodian cuisine, it also takes a journey into history.
  3. Angkor Wat - A vast complex of impressive millennium old ruins and the world’s largest religious temple. One of the most important archaeological sites of Southeast Asia and an architectural wonder ideal for sunrise and a cultural afternoon.
  4. Phare Circus - Shares Cambodian folktales and history through contemporary music, contortion, acrobatics, and more with amazing vibe and energy, transforming the lives of Cambodian youth.
  5. Bayon Temple - Built by kings, the ancient Bayon Temple of Cambodia mixes spirituality, history and symbolism. The Bayon is best known for its large number of serene faces sculpted on its towers.
  6. Ta Prohm Temple - Unlike most of the temples of Angkor, Ta Prohm has been largely left to the clutches of the living jungle. With its dynamic interaction between nature and man-made art, this atmospheric temple is a favorite for many. Angkor became more famous when the blockbuster movie, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, was filmed here. Ta Prohm is known even to those who have never traveled to Cambodia before, which is where the most impressive scenes were created.
  7. Pub Street - The definitive nightlife hub of the town, featuring rows of backpacker-friendly bars and pubs, packed nightclubs and international restaurants. A must-visit for any first-timer in the historical town, and great for travelers looking to enjoy an eventful night of bar-hopping in Siem Reap.