Rome, Italy

Rome, the capital of Italy and The Eternal City, was clearly not built in a day! The city is glorious, awe inspiring and vibrant with grand romantic ruins, opulent statues and ornate, beautiful fountains and monuments to explore. Rome's streets and piazzas are lined with the greatest al fresco settings for unforgettable dining and wine tasting experiences.

The Small List

  1. Vatican City - The Holy City, the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church and the papal residence built over the tomb of St. Peter. Inside the Vatican City is more history and artwork than you can find in almost any city in the world with 11 Vatican Museums, the restored Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel, and the Vatican Gardens. 
  2. Campo de' Fiori - One of the jewels of Rome, it is a bustling marketplace in the morning that transforms into a nightlife center in the evening – all amid a beautiful setting steeped with history. 
  3. Ristorante Riscioli - Quality since 1824, the Roscioli family anticipates today’s food and wine needs, and focuses, with great passion, on the high quality of their selections. Passion and research are applied to the dishes presented at the Restaurant, to the flours used in the Bakery, to the labels in the winery, and to the 350 cheeses and 150 cold cuts at the deli counter. A library of taste in the heart of Rome.
  4. Rimessa Riscioli - Learn the origins, history and stories of Italy’s wines, regions and foods while you taste through the authentic flavors of the best artisan producers of Italy selected by world famous Roscioli in this group dinner guided by a professional sommelier (no boring lectures). An unforgettable night spent with people from all over the world!
  5. Trattoria Monti - With top notch traditional cooking, the Camerucci family is renowned for authentic, hearty and homestyle fare in this compact 12-table trattoria located one block from the Piazza Vittorio. Phone: +39 06 446 6573
  6. Azienda Agricola Vazianello - For twenty years "The Mother's Restaurant", has cultivated their land with organic farming, offering the most typical, rustic and healthy menu from products within their region. An absolute gem in Caprarola, Italy, just outside of Rome, where you will be embraced and presented with homestyle cooking from the heart. 
  7. Da Ghighetto - A true Roman tavern since 1923 in the heart of Rome offering Roman Jewish cuisine which is poor in ingredients but at the same time rich in flavors. From the loving hands of housewives in kitchens, lacking in almost everything, who create elaborate dishes with meticulous accuracy and careful preparation. Tempting and absolutely divine. 
  8. Ristorante Il Pagliaccio -  A Relais and Chateau Michelin Star Restaurant with innovative interpretations of Rome fine dining and a circus of flavors that will tantalize your soul. 
  9. Enoteca Al Parlamento - The journey begins at the table where the chef will sweep you off your feet feeling amazed and satisfied in the heart of Rome. An elegant wineshop, bistro and restaurant that has earned 1 Michelin Star!
  10. Rosati - one of the most famous coffee houses in Rome, on the Piazza del Popolo, offering a wide range of pastries, sandwiches, and excellent cocktails and drinks.
  11. Hotel de Russie - The escape of choice for distinguished guests where you can relax on the terrace of their secret garden and enjoy aperitifs as appealing as the garden's citrus fragrances.
  12. La Terrazza - The most spectacular view of Rome located at the Eden Hotel bursts into life with a bank of floor-to-ceiling windows that swing right open to welcome in the fragrant night air. Rome’s beauty fills the restaurant for an unforgettable dining experience with equally spectacular views.
  13. Pantheon - A true architectural wonder and the best-preserved building from ancient Rome. A visit to it today is like being transported back to the Roman Empire itself and it is one of the most imitated buildings in history.
  14. Spanish Steps - Connecting the lower Piazza di Spagna with the upper Piazza Trinita dei Monti, with its beautiful twin tower church dominating the skyline, it is one of Rome's most popular tourist sites. With 135 steps in total, it is the widest stairway in all of Europe and is named for the Spanish Embassy that resides at the foot of the steps.
  15. Retro Bottega - In the heart of Rome between the Pantheon and Piazza Navona, the goal of this dreamy restaurant with a clever wine cellar is to focus more on the act of cooking and the intrinsic simplicity of food and less on the chef.