2017 Aspen Cares Theatrical Fashion Show

The Aspen Hope Center

The mission is to extend a beacon of hope to those in emotional crisis and offer a continuum of comprehensive care while steadfastly working to decrease the stigma of mental illness through expert clinical care, public education, community collaboration and outreach. 

Year after year, Aspen Cares creates a unique performance, that has been called the social and theatrical event of the season benefitting The Aspen Hope Center. The team melds modeling, movement and dance to tell a story. 

The show would not be possible, without the almost 100 volunteers that create the experience. A huge thank you to the ASPEN HOPE CENTER and their supporters, for all their hard work and dedication. Thank you to Kendra Lauren Styling , Kimberly Carlson and Vivian Blizzard for their talents in hair and make-up,  and the Black Box Theater for rehearsal space, the Belly Up Aspen for their generous contribution and professional services all these years and to the Caribou ClubCasa Tua Aspen and Mark Hunt for their charitable donation of venue space.

Thank you to the press: Aspen Magazine, Aspen Times and Aspen Daily News, and to the very talented Jeremiah Hutchens for his stunning videography, Casey Nay for his memorable graphic design, Jessica Charles for managing the models, Amanda Carlson for her vivid choreography, Ramona Bruland for her passion and Katy Parnello for her creative genius. aspencares.org