Biarritz, France

Biarritz, France is dripping with glitz. For the fashionable, Biarritz is an uber chic, luxurious destination.  Grand and glamorous once visited often by royals long ago.

The Hôtel Du Palais, a palace on the beach, was built for the wife of Napolean III and remains the grande dame today, dominating the vista with all her glory.  If only those walls could talk...

For the Aristocracy and surfers alike, Biarritz is a primo destination.


The Small List

  1. Hôtel Du Palais - Built by Napolean III for his stunning wife, Eugenie. 
  2. Villa Eugenie - One of France’s most magical places to dine.
  3. Le Café de Paris - A feast for the eyes with enchanted ocean views.